Bill Horn is a nature photographer with deep roots in the south. His family has maintained a cottage near Seagrove Beach, Florida  since 1959.  Bill grew up in the local dunes, woods, and beaches and was always either surfing, swimming or scuba diving in the clear waters of the Gulf. His love of the Gulf of Mexico and marine environments led to a 35-year career as a marine biologist with the FWC.  He has seen most of the state’s marine waters, yet Bill’s favorite is the northern Gulf Coast.

Now retired and spending much more time at the coast, he has matched his love of the waves with the photographic skills accumulated over the years to produce a unique series of images of Walton’s waters.  These photos, both on canvas and paper, feature close-up and strikingly detailed images of breaking waves off the local coast in many varied conditions and unusual viewpoints.  Utilizing both telephoto and in-water cameras, Bill is able to freeze the action of the cresting waves and create an art form to be preserved for enjoyment of visitors and locals alike.

These professional photographic images of the Gulf of Mexico waves can now be custom printed in a large variety of sizes and shapes. 

Nature/Wildlife, Landscape photography based in Tallahassee, Florida.